Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter Oaks

Good Morning! This is one of my poems that was recently published in The Brazos Gumbo, a local poetry journal.

Winter Oaks

The undressed oaks of winter

Stretch their fingers to the sky,

Contemplating autumn's end

And sharing silent wintry cries.

Brown leaves have faded to the ground

And back again to dust,

Breaking underneath my feet

Veiled beneath the frosty crust

They stand helpless in the bitter cold

Some bent from ancient storms

Keeping watch in winter's twilight

These majestic, dormant forms.

Like these oaks, I now abide

In a haunting, cold embrace.

I also long for spring to come

And show its warm, bright face.

Catherine M. Howell1/3/08
Thanks so much for reading!

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