Monday, October 27, 2008

Grizzy Update

Grizzy is doing really well! He and Sam are playing just like they are puppies again. My heart is filled with joy every time I watch them.

Grizzy has started eating his cottage cheese and flax oil on his own, off of a plate. There is actually a huge lipoma on his side that is half the size it was before I started feeding him this formula. I give the flax/cottage cheese formula around 2AM when his stomach is empty. It may not make a difference, but it's just a gut feeling that I have. I am also giving him turmeric, mineral rich, Co enzyme Q10, A rainforest fruit supplement, and I am also slowly adding in some other things. At this point in time I am not willing or ready to accept defeat. Anyone that is interested in the flax oil/cottage cheese regimen can search on the internet under Joanna Budwig. I will find the site and share next time I post.

I pray all of the time for my friend, Grizzy!

Again, thanks for stopping by. Please share your pet stories.

Cathy and Grizz

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