Friday, October 17, 2008

A Beautiful Place

I am breathless with the magnificence of Your splendor.
Up here, I can actually breathe.
Wind whipping, trying to blow me away.
I am blown away
In awe,
Of this place.

I take in every sight and every smell,
Hoping I do not ever have to leave this magical paradise.
The colors will forever be burned into my mind,
Into my heart, and my soul
I can be whole.

Golden colors, mountains that stretch into the sky,
Spruce trees of every shape and size.
Elk running gracefully across the road.
Somehow, this majesty
Lightens my load.

This is the place that only lives in my dreams.
Questions- How can I be here forever
Until I slip into eternity?
Here, I am free.

Catherine M. Howell

I wrote this after visiting Chama, New Mexico last year, in the fall.

Thanks for reading!


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