Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grizzy's Fight With Cancer

"Your dog has cancer and it has spread to his lungs. He has three to four months." That's how it started a couple on months ago. I cried with disbelief. Grizzy had always been the healthiest of our dogs. An accomplished traveler, he and Sam moved with us numerous times as my husband followed his career path. We just could not believe the news.

Part of this blog is dedicated to Grizzy's fight with cancer. I will share how it is going two to three times a week. We are fighting back with nutritional warfare and yes, we are praying that our friend and companion will survive this cruel invader that prematurely steals so many lives, animal and human.

Feel free to share suggestions and your own experience with your beloved pets.
Thanks for reading!


Frank Magula said...

We are all wishing Grizzie the best. As someone who has known him longer actually than you have, I could never forget him. I remember one day in your home when he hadn't seen me for several months, heard my voice ran across the room and leaped into my lap for some loving. That is how I will remember him...


wolfycat said...

I am crying, Frank, as I remember that day! Thanks so much for thinking if Grizzy. At this point in time, Jim and I don't know what we'll do without him. Thanks for caring.