Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rubber Art Stamps

Hello All!!

I would like to spread the word about my new art stamp company. I spent several months designing very detailed art stamps. These pen and ink drawings came close to driving me crazy, but the results are very creative art stamps. Several sets of my stamps are in production as I write this! When my website is totally up I'll share the address. The sample above is a 4x6 inch note card sized art stamp called "Enchanted Forest." The "Flower Faces" set is a 6x9 inch set. At first, these flower faces will only be available as a set. I have also included my 9x12 inch set named "Fairie Birds." Hopefully, I'll be able to offer them individually very soon.
Some of my other sets are named "Butterfly People And Friends" , "Heavenly Horses" and "Leaf Creatures."
Leave your e-mail address and when I am open for business, I'll send you my link.
Thanks for viewing!

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