Monday, October 27, 2008

Grizzy Update

Grizzy is doing really well! He and Sam are playing just like they are puppies again. My heart is filled with joy every time I watch them.

Grizzy has started eating his cottage cheese and flax oil on his own, off of a plate. There is actually a huge lipoma on his side that is half the size it was before I started feeding him this formula. I give the flax/cottage cheese formula around 2AM when his stomach is empty. It may not make a difference, but it's just a gut feeling that I have. I am also giving him turmeric, mineral rich, Co enzyme Q10, A rainforest fruit supplement, and I am also slowly adding in some other things. At this point in time I am not willing or ready to accept defeat. Anyone that is interested in the flax oil/cottage cheese regimen can search on the internet under Joanna Budwig. I will find the site and share next time I post.

I pray all of the time for my friend, Grizzy!

Again, thanks for stopping by. Please share your pet stories.

Cathy and Grizz

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Beautiful Place

I am breathless with the magnificence of Your splendor.
Up here, I can actually breathe.
Wind whipping, trying to blow me away.
I am blown away
In awe,
Of this place.

I take in every sight and every smell,
Hoping I do not ever have to leave this magical paradise.
The colors will forever be burned into my mind,
Into my heart, and my soul
I can be whole.

Golden colors, mountains that stretch into the sky,
Spruce trees of every shape and size.
Elk running gracefully across the road.
Somehow, this majesty
Lightens my load.

This is the place that only lives in my dreams.
Questions- How can I be here forever
Until I slip into eternity?
Here, I am free.

Catherine M. Howell

I wrote this after visiting Chama, New Mexico last year, in the fall.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter Oaks

Good Morning! This is one of my poems that was recently published in The Brazos Gumbo, a local poetry journal.

Winter Oaks

The undressed oaks of winter

Stretch their fingers to the sky,

Contemplating autumn's end

And sharing silent wintry cries.

Brown leaves have faded to the ground

And back again to dust,

Breaking underneath my feet

Veiled beneath the frosty crust

They stand helpless in the bitter cold

Some bent from ancient storms

Keeping watch in winter's twilight

These majestic, dormant forms.

Like these oaks, I now abide

In a haunting, cold embrace.

I also long for spring to come

And show its warm, bright face.

Catherine M. Howell1/3/08
Thanks so much for reading!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sam, My Heart

I would like to introduce you to Sam, Grizzy's best friend, and one of my dearest friends. In the eight years he has been with us we have almost lost him two times; once to a strange autoimmune illness and May, 2007, to an acute case of pancreatitis. He is an amazing dog who has taught me a bunch of tricks throughout the years. The best thing Sam has shown me is extreme and unconditional love. Sam is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever been around. I'll keep you updated on some great happenings around our place:)

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Grizzy's Fight With Cancer Post Surgery

Grizz had his surgery to remove the main tumor on his rear area. He has anal sac adenocarcinoma. He was originally misdiagnosed by a different vet so it had a chance to spread. We made the decision to remove the main tumor for his comfort. Our vet performed the surgery around three weeks ago. Grizz had a very rough time after the surgery. He developed ulcers due to a very strong anti-inflammatory drug that he was on to lessen the blood supply to the tumor. They were going to remove the lymph nodes in his abdomen but when they opened him up they saw that there were some tiny cancer spots on his spleen and liver. He has three tiny spots in his lungs, as well. He is a fighter and is doing very well following his recovery from the ulcers. It was touch and go for a week. Now, we cannot keep him down. We do not know how much time we have with Grizz, but I have him on some natural treatments that I hope will slow down this horrid disease. The latest up date came yesterday when I took him in to get chest films done. As of yet, there is NO noticeable tumor growth! I'll keep you posted:) Thanks for reading! Wolfycat

Rubber Art Stamps

Hello All!!

I would like to spread the word about my new art stamp company. I spent several months designing very detailed art stamps. These pen and ink drawings came close to driving me crazy, but the results are very creative art stamps. Several sets of my stamps are in production as I write this! When my website is totally up I'll share the address. The sample above is a 4x6 inch note card sized art stamp called "Enchanted Forest." The "Flower Faces" set is a 6x9 inch set. At first, these flower faces will only be available as a set. I have also included my 9x12 inch set named "Fairie Birds." Hopefully, I'll be able to offer them individually very soon.
Some of my other sets are named "Butterfly People And Friends" , "Heavenly Horses" and "Leaf Creatures."
Leave your e-mail address and when I am open for business, I'll send you my link.
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Grizzy's Fight With Cancer

"Your dog has cancer and it has spread to his lungs. He has three to four months." That's how it started a couple on months ago. I cried with disbelief. Grizzy had always been the healthiest of our dogs. An accomplished traveler, he and Sam moved with us numerous times as my husband followed his career path. We just could not believe the news.

Part of this blog is dedicated to Grizzy's fight with cancer. I will share how it is going two to three times a week. We are fighting back with nutritional warfare and yes, we are praying that our friend and companion will survive this cruel invader that prematurely steals so many lives, animal and human.

Feel free to share suggestions and your own experience with your beloved pets.
Thanks for reading!