Friday, July 31, 2009


This will be a very sad update as our dear Grizzy lost his battle with cancer March 15, 2009. We will never stop missing him. I also know we will see him again, when "ALL" creation is made new.

Please visit my redbubble site at and view the first entry in my portfolio titled "The day Grizzy B Went Home" for a detailed account.

There will never be another "Grizz."

This is something I wrote the day after he left us...

I felt you in the wind that rushed at me from across the lake.
It stirred the leaves, Gracefully into an upward spiral and I know
That you were there.
I do not understand how, but I felt your presence.
I gave you back to God, my kind and gentle Grizzy...

catherine m howell 3 16 09

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