Friday, July 31, 2009


This will be a very sad update as our dear Grizzy lost his battle with cancer March 15, 2009. We will never stop missing him. I also know we will see him again, when "ALL" creation is made new.

Please visit my redbubble site at and view the first entry in my portfolio titled "The day Grizzy B Went Home" for a detailed account.

There will never be another "Grizz."

This is something I wrote the day after he left us...

I felt you in the wind that rushed at me from across the lake.
It stirred the leaves, Gracefully into an upward spiral and I know
That you were there.
I do not understand how, but I felt your presence.
I gave you back to God, my kind and gentle Grizzy...

catherine m howell 3 16 09

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hand Pulled Linocut Prints and Other Things

"Glorious Africa" Hand Colored, Hand Pulled Linocut Print

"Mr Tree"

"In Focus" Giraffe Eye Hand Colored, Hand Pulled Linocut Print

"In Focus" Giraffe Eye Linocut Print

"Glorious Africa" Hand Pulled Linocut Print


I would like to share some of my new, exciting hand pulled linocut prints. Now, I am not talking about giclees' or digital prints. The method here is: Get a piece of linoleum or a linoleum block, which is linoleum glued to a wooden block. Then you draw a design on your block and proceed to cut the design into the block with special cutting tools. After the block is finished you then get printing ink for linoleum block. There is oil based and water based ink. I use water based ink. Then you put a little ink in a tray and use a 'brayer' and roll in the ink to cover the brayer with the ink. You then roll an even layer of ink onto the carved block and carefully set a nice, beautiful piece of print paper or high quality art paper and press the paper onto the block. I use hand pressure to rub the back of the paper to make the print. Last step: peel the paper off of the block carefully and hang the print to dry.
This is a shortened, somewhat scattered description, but the end result is a fascinating, one of a kind art print. Since these prints are made individually, each one has its own beautiful, interesting qualities.

I am offering these hand pulled linocut prints in signed, numbered editions of 50 prints per design. I hand color about 5 prints from each edition.

I would love to sell you one!! Please mail me with your contact info. and I'll be happy to mail a price list. These prints come unframed and unmatted, but on a strong backing board and wrapped in plastic. I ship with extra care so please contact me for shipping prices.

I can also mat and or frame your print for an extra charge. Please contact me for details.

I donate a portion of each sale to The Philadelphia Mission which is a registered UK charity. Trevor Irwin, Missionary, helps the forgotten people of remote Nigeria. PLease view my redbubble site front page for his info.

Also, if you love deep etch, unique, rubber art stamps, you may buy my stamps at
Please contact me with any questions!!
As always, thanks so much for looking:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Games Tigers Play

Hi!! This is a new drawing that I created. It took 7 days to finish this drawing. I created this specifically for a challenge on Redbubble in the Tiger Tiger group. We had to create a tiger IN the water. I have prints for sale of this piece on natural stone photo paper.
Please contact me if interested:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I photographed my son and granddaughter, Kailei, the other day, and it brought back so many memories of me, holding my son in my arms, as a baby, and dancing with him. I wrote a poem to go with this beautiful expression of love between a daddy and his daughter.

I am so thankful that my son loves his daughter and spends time with her. For those of us that did not have this sort of relationship with their earthly fathers, remember this, God is our Father, and longs to hold us, and comfort us.

"While We have The Chance, Let's Dance"

The spotlight's on us

My precious child

Let me hold you

For a little while

Soon you'll be grown

With no need for us

So while we have the chance

Let's dance,

Just the two of us.

As I hold you near

I chase the years away

I won't worry about tomorrow

We'll live in today

Yet, soon you'll be grown

with no need for us

So while we have the chance

Let's dance,

Just the two of us.

So, while we have the chance

Let's dance,

Just the two of us.

Catherine M. Howell11/3/08

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grizzy Update

Grizzy is doing really well! He and Sam are playing just like they are puppies again. My heart is filled with joy every time I watch them.

Grizzy has started eating his cottage cheese and flax oil on his own, off of a plate. There is actually a huge lipoma on his side that is half the size it was before I started feeding him this formula. I give the flax/cottage cheese formula around 2AM when his stomach is empty. It may not make a difference, but it's just a gut feeling that I have. I am also giving him turmeric, mineral rich, Co enzyme Q10, A rainforest fruit supplement, and I am also slowly adding in some other things. At this point in time I am not willing or ready to accept defeat. Anyone that is interested in the flax oil/cottage cheese regimen can search on the internet under Joanna Budwig. I will find the site and share next time I post.

I pray all of the time for my friend, Grizzy!

Again, thanks for stopping by. Please share your pet stories.

Cathy and Grizz

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Beautiful Place

I am breathless with the magnificence of Your splendor.
Up here, I can actually breathe.
Wind whipping, trying to blow me away.
I am blown away
In awe,
Of this place.

I take in every sight and every smell,
Hoping I do not ever have to leave this magical paradise.
The colors will forever be burned into my mind,
Into my heart, and my soul
I can be whole.

Golden colors, mountains that stretch into the sky,
Spruce trees of every shape and size.
Elk running gracefully across the road.
Somehow, this majesty
Lightens my load.

This is the place that only lives in my dreams.
Questions- How can I be here forever
Until I slip into eternity?
Here, I am free.

Catherine M. Howell

I wrote this after visiting Chama, New Mexico last year, in the fall.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter Oaks

Good Morning! This is one of my poems that was recently published in The Brazos Gumbo, a local poetry journal.

Winter Oaks

The undressed oaks of winter

Stretch their fingers to the sky,

Contemplating autumn's end

And sharing silent wintry cries.

Brown leaves have faded to the ground

And back again to dust,

Breaking underneath my feet

Veiled beneath the frosty crust

They stand helpless in the bitter cold

Some bent from ancient storms

Keeping watch in winter's twilight

These majestic, dormant forms.

Like these oaks, I now abide

In a haunting, cold embrace.

I also long for spring to come

And show its warm, bright face.

Catherine M. Howell1/3/08
Thanks so much for reading!