Monday, January 26, 2009

Hand Pulled Linocut Prints and Other Things

"Glorious Africa" Hand Colored, Hand Pulled Linocut Print

"Mr Tree"

"In Focus" Giraffe Eye Hand Colored, Hand Pulled Linocut Print

"In Focus" Giraffe Eye Linocut Print

"Glorious Africa" Hand Pulled Linocut Print


I would like to share some of my new, exciting hand pulled linocut prints. Now, I am not talking about giclees' or digital prints. The method here is: Get a piece of linoleum or a linoleum block, which is linoleum glued to a wooden block. Then you draw a design on your block and proceed to cut the design into the block with special cutting tools. After the block is finished you then get printing ink for linoleum block. There is oil based and water based ink. I use water based ink. Then you put a little ink in a tray and use a 'brayer' and roll in the ink to cover the brayer with the ink. You then roll an even layer of ink onto the carved block and carefully set a nice, beautiful piece of print paper or high quality art paper and press the paper onto the block. I use hand pressure to rub the back of the paper to make the print. Last step: peel the paper off of the block carefully and hang the print to dry.
This is a shortened, somewhat scattered description, but the end result is a fascinating, one of a kind art print. Since these prints are made individually, each one has its own beautiful, interesting qualities.

I am offering these hand pulled linocut prints in signed, numbered editions of 50 prints per design. I hand color about 5 prints from each edition.

I would love to sell you one!! Please mail me with your contact info. and I'll be happy to mail a price list. These prints come unframed and unmatted, but on a strong backing board and wrapped in plastic. I ship with extra care so please contact me for shipping prices.

I can also mat and or frame your print for an extra charge. Please contact me for details.

I donate a portion of each sale to The Philadelphia Mission which is a registered UK charity. Trevor Irwin, Missionary, helps the forgotten people of remote Nigeria. PLease view my redbubble site front page for his info.

Also, if you love deep etch, unique, rubber art stamps, you may buy my stamps at
Please contact me with any questions!!
As always, thanks so much for looking:)

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Cathy, the prints are awesome!